A strong woman embraces life
on her
own terms, bringing blessings and tears.

Forever Herself Cover 3D pngBerthella Stevens is shaped by childhood adversity in an impoverished, fatherless home during the Great Depression. As an unconventional adult ahead of her time, she’s inspired by natural living, flower gardening, writing and raising her family. But when she dares to be herself in her rural Indiana community, she endures ostracism and loneliness, finding solace in her faith.

Berthella’s story is expressed through the seasons of her life, rooted in Kerry Stevens’ childhood in the 1960s. He shares an intimate portrait of his mother in a fusion of her poetry and prose with his story of their relationship. While revealing the joys of living life to the fullest, Kerry discovers her pain and a new admiration for his maverick mom.



“My mother was a prolific writer. While she wrote out of sheer joy, she dreamed of sharing her words in a published book. Sadly, she died in 2011 without attaining that goal. Her story is so endearing and her writing so enchanting, I felt compelled to curate her works with my own remembrances into this book. My mother’s dream is now fulfilled. This is for you, Mom.”

Forever Herself will warm your heart, challenge your mind,
and renew your spirit.