Volunteer Reader Signup

Forever Herself Cover MEDIUM WEBThank you to everyone who volunteered to join the Personal Review Team for my book, Forever Herself: A Son’s Memoir of a Remarkable Woman. The team is now full, and I’m no longer seeking additional volunteers.

I anticipate the eBooks and paperbacks could be distributed to the Personal Review Team the week of August 6. I’ll keep the team posted.

For reference, the outline of the team’s expectations are below. Thank you again for helping me honor my mother by reading my pre-release memoir Forever Herself, and posting an online review! You may learn more about my book here.

Invitations to volunteer for my Personal Review Team were extended only to friends, neighbors, and others from the areas of Austin, Texas, and my home town of Bremen, Indiana (the setting of the book). Because there are limited slots, not everyone who volunteered got on the team. I’m sorry. Members of my extended family are not able to participate in this phase, but are welcome to promote the book after its release.

Here are the three things I’m asking of you:
1. Read the book
2. Write a review
3. Post the review on Amazon (and Goodreads, or other book sites you frequent) on the day of the release, or as soon as possible thereafter.

A wave of positive reviews gets the attention of potential readers and Amazon’s ranking process. The more people who purchase and read the book, the more I’m able to honor my mother. My motivation is not profit; I don’t expect to earn more than I’ve already spent. This is a labor of love.

Read the book and write your review between August 15, 2018 and September 30, 2018. The book will be released on Tuesday, October 2, 2018. The goal is to post your review(s) on the release date of Tuesday, October 2, 2018, or as soon as possible thereafter. Forever Herself is 350 pages in length. (Due to unforeseen issues in the publishing process, these dates could change slightly.)

If you are able to read an eBook, that’s the easiest format to provide and receive. I’ll send you a link from which you can easily download Forever Herself in the format of your choice (e.g. Kindle, Nook, Google). This is a free, pre-release copy, subject to change, and only for those on this Personal Review Team.

If you can only read a paperback, I will mail or hand-deliver a copy if you let me know. Again, this is a free, pre-release copy, subject to change, and only for those on this Personal Review Team.

Writing Review
I’ll provide instructions on how to write and post your review on Amazon, following their rules. Amazon requires that you have spent at $50 on its site in the previous 12 months be able to post a review. The review should reflect your honest opinion. You do not need to send your review to me prior to you posting it. I’ll also include instructions if you’d like excerpts of your review to be considered for inclusion inside the book.

Discussing/Hearing About My Writing Experience
I’ll create a closed Facebook group where all the team members can discuss what they’ve read or post questions about my adventure writing the book. This is an optional experience for those interested in participating.

You can read the book, and write and post the review from wherever you choose.